NEON Run 2014

NEON Run Melbourne 2014 is an event in which you dress up in glow-in-the-dark clothes and glow sticks ect. and you run, jog or walk 5km around Melbourne. This event is to help raise awareness and money for ‘Beyond Blue’. People from ages 10+ can participate, but if you are 18- you have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You can sign up as a single participant or in a team of four members or more. The entry fee is $50 for single or $45 for a team. The Melbourne NEON Run is getting held on 22nd February 2014 at Albert Park Lake, Melbourne. Entries are now open and close 20th February 2014 unless sold out beforehand. There is a limit of 7000 participants. When you sign up you get the option of getting your event kit mailed to you. In that kit there is, NEON Run T-shirt, LED sound activated flashband and an event bib.
Key times:
7.00pm – Venue opens and Event Kit Collection starts.
8.30pm – Event Start (staggered starts – runners, joggers & walkers)
11.00pm – Venue closes.

Assignment TURN IN

1.) Who is your favourite artist/band and why?
My favourite band would be One Direction because they are great singers and are lovely people, expecially to their fans.

2.) What genre of music do they fall into?

3.) Find a link to their home page on the web.

4.) Exploring their webpage please provide me with the following 5 points.
A.) What year did they form and what country are they from?
2010. Ireland and Britan
B.) What are their main influences?
Take That and Bruno Mars
C.) What instruments are used in this band?
Niall plays guitar (sometimes) but all five members sing.
D.) What are their biggest achievements?
They have won 53 awards and were nominated for 95. (too many to name all)
E.) What is one interesting point you found that you didn’t know about them?
I already know everything about them so thats a hard one….


  In ICT  we had to make a fake book cover. We had to choose a fake name, and a random word. Then go on to CC Tumblr and search the random word that we chose. Then put it all toghether and this is what mine came to.

My book title is Between, and the picture is suposed to hint that the story is about being in your teenage years and things like that. The author is ‘Elenor Goncalves’

(P.S Sorry if your name is that or if you know someone called that.)


The Power Of We!

What is teamwork? Teamwork is helping each other to reach your own personal goal with almost anything in life. Whether that is in a team sport, school project or at work.

Team work is very important of a number of sports. In a game of netball where you cannot walk while holding the ball and where you cannot pass to yourself, you need more people there for you to pass to.

If there are two people and they both have one apple, and they swap apples then they still only have one apple. But if there are two people and they both have one idea, and they exchange ideas then they both have two ideas!