Assignment TURN IN

1.) Who is your favourite artist/band and why?
My favourite band would be One Direction because they are great singers and are lovely people, expecially to their fans.

2.) What genre of music do they fall into?

3.) Find a link to their home page on the web.

4.) Exploring their webpage please provide me with the following 5 points.
A.) What year did they form and what country are they from?
2010. Ireland and Britan
B.) What are their main influences?
Take That and Bruno Mars
C.) What instruments are used in this band?
Niall plays guitar (sometimes) but all five members sing.
D.) What are their biggest achievements?
They have won 53 awards and were nominated for 95. (too many to name all)
E.) What is one interesting point you found that you didn’t know about them?
I already know everything about them so thats a hard one….

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